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Stick Insects Terrarium

Stick Insect Terrarium Project Prudhoe

Stick Insects Terrarium Project, So this project landed in my lap the other day, to turn this old aquarium into a Bio-Active Stick insect Terrarium.

For this build I used an old aquarium, I designed from the bottom up using white spar for water level with a piece of 21.5mm overflow pipe with a 90 degree bend at the bottom this is for the blackberry stems I’ve cut to go into, it also make it easy for me to top up the water layer.

The next layer is a piece of weed guard sheeting, on top of that is simple compost which I have seeded with grass seed, I then added some moss to the front and some branches fake plants and the blackberry stems.

The Top as it was originally an Aquarium had several holes for wires lights etc. So I used some sewing mesh to block the holes but still allow adequate air flow.

I will be adding more dry leaves, spring tails, earthworms and pods (Clean up Crew), over the next couple of weeks.

Other than the odd bit of tidying up and adding fresh food this Stick Insect Terrarium should require very little Maintenance.

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