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Snack Pawtal Prudhoe Give-away

Snack Pawtal Prudhoe

Who are the Snack Pawtal?

The Snack Pawtal is a small, local, independent business based in the Tyne Valley, supplying the North East with high quality dog treats. I focus on 100% natural, single ingredient and single protein produce, making my treats suitable for dogs with allergies, dogs on strict/elimination diets and raw fed dogs.

They are fully insured and registered with Northumberland Trading Standards in the pet food sector, working to DEFRA guidelines.

All of their snacks are responsibly-sourced, packed by hand in Northumberland and are fully traceable, with a variety of proteins to choose from.

They’re always looking for customer feedback, so if you have any product or stockist suggestions, feel free to send your ideas to

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Snack Pawtal Q and A

Q) So what first got you into the Dog Treats business?

A) My own dog, Oscar, suffers from allergies which are mostly pollen related, but I noticed mass-produced treats were irritating his already itchy skin.

After doing a little bit of research, and working closely with Northumberland Trading Standards, I decided to start making my own dog biscuits, and in 2018 The Snack Pawtal was created!

I’ve since spent many months educating myself about canine nutrition and have completely switched everything I use for Oscar, so he’s now fed a raw diet and most products we use are 100% natural.

In doing so, I took The Snack Pawtal in a different direction during lockdown, and now supply the North East and beyond with single protein and single ingredient treats.

Snack Pawtal Oscar
Snack Pawtal Oscar

Q) What makes your products special?

A) As previously mentioned, all of our products are single ingredient and single protein, making them perfect for dogs like my own who suffer with allergies. Lots of big brands will use clever marketing to sell their products – something which I regularly post about on social media so customers know what to look for when it comes to pet food labelling.

For example, if you’re desperately trying to avoid beef due to your dog’s allergies, you may find a product labelled as “Venison Sausages” will actually include very little venison, and will be made up of mostly beef, chicken and cereal depending on the price of the product.

We’re very transparent with what our products include so customers won’t end up with a hefty vet bill!

All of our products are competitively priced compared to large brands, so you don’t have to spend more to support a small business.

Snack Pawtal Products
Snack Pawtal Products

Q) Do you just sell on-line? If not where else can people buy your products?

A) We sell a lot online, but we are also stocked in lots of lovely, local businesses including cafes, farm shops and pet shops.

These are regularly posted about on our social media pages, as well as our stockist locator page on our website, but some recent deliveries include The Crossing Coffee Bar in Blaydon, Daniel Farm in Wylam, No.6 Coffee House in Ryton, Prudhoe Pet Centre and Stocksfield Village Store.

Snack Pawtal Give-Away

Q) If I buy on-line how much is shipping usually?

A) For online orders, we only charge the courier’s price to keep costs down for customers, and re-use packaging from local businesses to keep waste to a minimum.

We offer a free delivery service to customers around Prudhoe, Crawcrook, Wylam, Stocksfield and Corbridge areas – our website has more information for those living locally.

Q) Are you looking for more retailers to stock your treats?

A) We’re always looking for retailers to stock our range of treats!

We do our best to contact fellow local businesses, but if anyone has any suggestions on additional businesses we could potentially work with, please let us know!

The Snack Pawtal Give-Away

We have partnered with the Snack Pawtal to offer one of your lucky fur babies some delicious Snack Pawtal Treats, all you have to do is like our facebook page and like the Snack Pawtal’s facebook page

The lucky winner will be picked at random next Friday 08/04/2022.


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